The Best Motherboard For i9 9900K: The Ultimate Guide

Find the best motherboard for your i9 9900K. We have compiled a list of all the best motherboards that are compatible with Intel’s latest 9th Gen CPU.

We have list down the Best For i9 9900K motherboards that can surely provide you the epic performance that you are looking for.

All the above i9 9900K motherboards are installed with the right pc parts that ensure hardcore gaming to the next level.




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Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme


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The motherboard is one of the essential components in a computer system as most of the parts have to attach to it. If you own an unlocked processor, you can take it to new limits by overclocking with the help of a good power design motherboard.

That’s why we have decided to list up some of the Best x470 Motherboard for Intel i9 9900K to get the full performance out of it. Read on to find out our tried and tested reviews in 2021.

What are the best motherboards for Intel Core i9 9900K?

Corsair 1000D – This is one of the best motherboards for the best price available. The build quality is really good on this and the various ports, I/O, and RGB lighting makes it a really attractive motherboard.

It is also feature rich which means the I/O ports, display output, storage ports and PCIe slots are not limited. It comes with the very powerful M.2 drives and one add in the motherboards bin is a SLI capable dual-SLI combo slot.

It also comes with USB 3.1 Gen 2 header for connection. It has a lot of USB ports available, which make it one of the best motherboards for Intel i9 9900K as the onboard ports are unlimited in this configuration.

Antec P380 – This is a feature rich motherboard for the latest AMD Ryzen processors and it does the same for the Intel Core i9 9900K.

Why do you need a motherboard?

Motherboards are the heart of the system. They are the connecting backbone of your computer. They supply the power for the rest of the components to run at their optimal speeds.

They are also the major source of transferring data to the main storage drives of the computer. In fact, a good best z390 motherboard is required for all of this.

The motherboard is actually a small circuit board, just like the brain of a computer. It is formed of many wires and complex chips and takes the whole CPU to come online.

While Intel i9 9900K CPU does not have direct memory access or DDR4, the chipset has it built in for access. Hence, good motherboard and good memory support is required to get maximum performance out of this processor.

Buying guide-Motherboard checklist

  • Processor: Intel Core i9 9900K Our pick of the day is the Intel Core i9 9900K and the reasons are obvious. The Intel Core i9 9900K processor is one of the best processors we have ever seen. It’s also very popular with overclocking enthusiasts and content creators who usually share their gaming exploits on YouTube.
  • The processor is overclockable to a maximum of 5.0 GHz out of the box. However, the maximum turbo speed of the processor can be increased up to 4.8 GHz. So if you are building a gaming PC then the price is just right.

When it comes to being the best motherboard for Intel i9 9900K, it is basically the only thing you need. The CPU itself is pretty capable as the four-core and eight-core variants can also become a work of art with just a few modifications to your overclock settings.

So if you are planning to buy an Intel i9 9900K processor and want to put it to its maximum potential, the first and foremost thing to do is invest in an excellent motherboard.

These are the best motherboard for Intel i9 9900K: 1 / 10 Verdict If you don’t mind sacrificing a little bit of performance, you can buy the MSI X99E-ITX/ac Gaming board which has a good feature set and price tag.

However, we would recommend the Asus Prime X99 chipset based on the better chipset and price point. Also, check out the best i9 9900k motherboard to buy in 2021.


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