10 Best Gaming Cases 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Check out these discounted best gaming cases to buy in 2022. Buying a best gaming case under 100 is something which happens to become a great deal more important than a lot of people can think, some people have gone to the extent of stating that a PC case is the one thing which lasts them the longest, as you will find never unnecessary needs of updating, and in all honesty, newer cases can not really offer much concerning performance.

Sure, the year 2017, and the year before that was full of Best Gaming Cases 2021 that started shipping with glass side panels so as to generate the builds look a lot more amazing than they did earlier.

Organizations like NZXT, and Phanteks made a decision to upgrade their prior struck cases with tempered glass dividers, whereas Corsair and a handful of other brands developed brand-new scenarios, sporting hardened glass side panels.

Considering there is always a great deal of folks building new computers now today, we have decided to have a peek at some of the greatest Best Gaming Cases 2021 that are available in the market right now.

While some of these cases have been in the market for quite a while, the majority of them are new. Do remember that not many cases can be purchased with tempered glass side panels because despite being so great to look at, they are sometimes really tough to wash, and in addition to that, breaking them is able to cause a disaster.

With that out of the way, let us take a good peek at the Best Gaming Cases 2021 that are available on the current market, and also the ones that you should absolutely check out if you are building a new PC, and would like to get a case to place all your good looking components in.

List Of Best Gaming Cases In 2021

1. Corsair Crystal 460X

If it comes to best gaming cases, or a lot of other components such as power supplies, and sometimes even RAMs, perhaps not just a lot of companies can manage to stand out from Corsair. They’ve been in the company for decades, and have less or more revolutionized the market with their products that were amazing each year. Corsair Crystal 460X is the best gaming case under 100.

Best Gaming Cases 2021

When this tempered glass tendency started, Corsair failed to take a lot of time to jump on the gun and decided to publish just two tempered glass best gaming cases on the market. The Crystal 460X, and the Crystal 570X. While the 570X was built from the ground up, the Crystal 460X was actually a reinvented Carbide 400C, however with the inclusion of side and front panel made entirely out of tinted tempered glass.

There is absolutely no denying that the Crystal 460X is still one of the Best Gaming Cases in the current market, it’s really a mid-tower that is perfectly capable of adapting an E-ATX motherboard with terrific ease and includes lots of heating potential. If you’re wondering, you’ll be able to fit in radiators front, back, and even towards the very top with good ease.


  • Looks amazing with the perfect amount of lighting.
  • Easy to assemble in.
  • Wide radiator support.
  • The tempered glass appears amazing.


  • Cable direction is tough.
  • Cleaning the best gaming cases is not straightforward.

2. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX TG

The first Phanteks Enthoo Evolv AT-X was one of the most popular best gaming cases which were for sale on the current market, and for all the ideal reasons. It isn’t really difficult to understand because the instance happened to own everything which has been required in a good PC scenario.

This was spacious, had wider pipes support, and it had been made from solid steel instead of the widely used aluminum. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX is the best gaming case under 100.

Best Gaming Cases 2021

When the tempered glass tendency took off, the firm chose to reinvent the scenario, and then release a tempered-glass sort of circumstance. Everything stayed the same, but both the side panels were now tempered glass and in case you are wondering, the main one where all the cables hide was transparent.

You should keep in mind is that not things were fine and dandy, for starters, the radiator service is odd, and also one that might be a dealbreaker could be the simple fact that the thermals in Best Gaming Cases like this aren’t that good.


  • the Surface of the lineup build caliber.
  • Easy to construct in.
  • Appears absolutely magnificent.


  • A transparent rear panel makes cable management a chore.
  • Radiator support is somewhat odd.
  • Thermals are not as good as they should be.

3. ThermalTake View 31TG

Let’s admit the simple fact it was some time now since ThermalTake actually created something good, therefore when they finally released their rendition of tempered glass Best Gaming Cases, we were genuinely curious, and surprised because it had been an organization’s effort at still staying relevant. ThermalTake View 31TG is one of the best gaming cases under 100.

Best Gaming Cases 2021

Upon receiving the View 31TG (best gaming cases), we started the build process without even taking a look at the manual that has been provided, and boy, were we surprised.

In all honesty, View 31TG is certainly one of our favorite tempered-glass Best Gaming Cases in the market you could buy at this time without really spending lots of money.

The situation is cheap, offers tempered glass front, back, and side, and has plenty of space to go for a customized loop build, something lots of mid-towers struggle from today’s day and era. We tried quite hard to find a caveat with the scenario, but in all honesty, there isn’t much.

Everything from thermals, to acoustics, and even to looks, the case nailed it right. Surprisingly, there’s ample radiator support, and fan mounts that you produce the dream PC you need to create.

In addition to this, the situation is competitively priced, also costs less than many different Best Gaming Cases in the market, and guess what? It manages to provide greater distance compared to the cases that are readily available.


  • Broad interior permits several remarkable builds.
  • Tempered glass side panels are a delicacy to use.
  • The instance is solid through and through.
  • Ample room for radiators.


  • the energy supply shroud isn’t contained.

4. InWin 303

InWin has always been the organization that has dared to do things otherwise, even though perhaps not a lot of people prefer them because of the specific reason, the firm has managed to gather a cult following that has enabled them to keep on with their weird thoughts.

The case we are looking at now is their effort at tapping the conventional market, however, with a minor classic twist which produces that the InWin 303 Best Gaming Cases stand apart. InWin 303 is the best gaming case under 100.

Best Gaming Cases 2021

Now the main reason why the 303 appears to be such an odd instance is quite easy to comprehend, the power source in this circumstance is mounted at the top, and at the vertical position.

All in all, the InWin 303 (Best Gaming Cases) can be a really good looking instance with some unusual design choices, we view inWin is trying their very best to tap the mainstream market, yet they are not moving away from the usual weirdness they’ve introduced within the past couple of years.


  • Outrageous but gratifying design language.
  • Solid structure.
  • Tempered glass side panel.
  • Plenty of room for a cooling system.


  • Unusual design choices might push off the typical user.

5. NZXT S340 Elite

Probably the most popular instance that NZXT made could be that the S340 (Best Gaming Cases), the instance was such a massive hit that years after, the company repackaged it with a tempered glass edition, also published it again.

Result? Yet another massive success, in only a couple weeks, the NZXT S340 e-lite became an overnight success and for all of the right reasons. NZXT S340 Elite is the best gaming case under 100.

Best Gaming Cases 2021

Apart from only slapping to tempered glass and calling it a day, NZXT moved ahead and made some other smallish changes that made a difference to how a case functions. First of all, there’s an HDMI interface on the front that you may use to connect your own VR headsets, and there is an HDMI cable that runs from the trunk part of your case, and also can be linked to the monitor.

6. Phanteks P400 Tempered Glass

Much like that which NZXT failed with all the S340, Phanteks did the same with their funding mid-tower P400 (best gaming cases 2021) and rereleased the case using a tempered glass side panel so as to possess the case one more shot at glory.

While we are able to observe a great deal of people questioning that decision, Overall, P400 can be really a wonderful case, to begin with, and with tempered glass, a side board is merely an added bonus. Phanteks P400 is the best gaming case under 100.

Best Gaming Cases 2021

Now the case is unquestionably a mid-tower, also in all honesty, the ideal choice for anyone who would like something besides the NZXT S340 Elite (best gaming cases 2021).

In terms of heating and radiator service, this one provides much more flexibility and may move up to and including a 360mm radiator at the front, something that’s nice of Phanteks to keep in mind.

One other terrific thing about the case is it ships with a 300cm LED strip that also happens to be RGB and can be manipulated using the button in the circumstance, that is something we really like, and also an increasing number of companies should execute this tech since RGB LEDs with tempered glass are just out of their entire world.

7. Corsair Carbide Clear 400C

For anyone who’s looking for something simple, and does not necessarily want RGB light or tempered glass, then don’t worry. There are still options available that you can use without putting in a rut.

Keeping out that of this way, the Corsair Carbide Clear 400C (best gaming cases 2021) is still a funding case it does not have all the flares that are famous but nonetheless features a great deal of functionality. Corsair Carbide Clear 400C is the best gaming case under 100.

10 Best Gaming Cases 2021

In case you’re wondering, this may be true the 460x is situated on, or so the construction experience just about remains indistinguishable. Now the significant difference is obviously the fact that the case will not include a tempered glass side panel.

Rather than that, you get yourself a large acrylic window, something that you’ve already seen on Best Gaming Cases 2021 like 600C, and 760T, also while we aren’t a fan of acrylic as it may scratch easily, the good idea is that with a little bit of focus with it, it can be replaced rather easily.

8. Rosewill ATX Midtower

Rosewill is among the companies that not just a lot of folks understand about, notably outside the US, but the fantastic idea is that the organization is famous for producing the Best Gaming Cases which can be found on the market.

One such case is that the Rosewill ATX Mid Tower, for anyone interested, this is in fact a tempered glass instance, also offers a whole lot concerning PC building encounter. Rosewill ATX Midtower is the best gaming case under 100.

10 Best Gaming Cases 2021

To begin with, both the front and the rear panel are solid tempered glass, and it’s tinted for individuals wondering. As for the radiator service, the case supports around 360mm and is sold with four pre-installed 140mm fans. It’s most likely that you are likely to alter the fans with something better because the pre-installed fans are rarely great.

That is not really a bad thing considering the way that it’s a frequent practice, but complete, the instance discusses quality all through the entirety. The construction procedure is a thing that people really like, it’s actually one of the easiest Best Gaming Cases to construct inside, and supplies a good deal of freedom to individuals that are eager to go that way.

Whether you are doing habit loop liquid cooling systems or closed-loop liquid cooling, the Rosewill ATAX Mid Tower (best gaming cases 2021) has a great deal of chances for people who are prepared to have a great construction experience in case. Overall, the Rosewill ATX mid-tower is an excellent instance, and there isn’t any other method to examine the situation available.

At the end of the afternoon, we’d love to add that in a market where new Best Gaming Cases 2021 are available each and every day, acquiring yet another functional case that might look similar to a number of the other cases in the current market isn’t something which’s terrible.

9. Corsair Carbide Collection Air 740

It must not come as a surprise that Corsair’s Air series of Best Gaming Cases is perhaps one of the popular series in the market, and for all the proper reasons. To begin with, the series is designed for people that prefer high venting, but also need ample room for habit, or closed-loop water cooling.

The Air 540 (Best Gaming Cases 2021) was one among the Best Gaming Cases that we had the chance to make use of, also today, we’re looking at the older brother, the Air 740. Corsair Carbide Collection Air 740 is the best gaming case under 100.

10 Best Gaming Cases 2021

The material choice with all the Air 740 is pretty weird, but very good anyway. Instead of choosing tempered glass and RGB, Corsair Best Gaming Cases 2021 kept things simple and decided to build about exactly the exact same formula that the Air 540 was assembled on. The business managed to produce the case overly roomy and spacious as possible without sacrificing a lot.

The cable management and the drive service is insane because the instance is broken into two portions, with the rear being used for such things as pumps, power supply, and your hard disk drive. Needless to say even if you are not an expert at cable direction, and prefer to leave a rat’s nest behind, the circumstance must not create an issue for you.

There’s no denying that this case is created out of airflow in mind, and in all honesty, the Corsair has delivered on that front because the Air 740 happens to be one of the Best Gaming Cases when it has to do with the airflow in mind.

10. Fractal Design Define C

The last case on the list of Best Gaming Cases 2021 is from Fractal Design, certainly one of the best businesses out there on the current market, but for the simple fact that the circumstance is from one of the most useful organizations, you should also realize that we’re working with a few of the Best Gaming Cases in the marketplace that have won several awards ever since it premiered annually to the general public. Fractal Design Define C is the best gaming case under 100.

10 Best Gaming Cases 2021

While we aren’t really dealing with a tempered glass instance, you should know that the number of features present in this specific case is able to help keep everybody happy with everything they have.

Especially once you consider the fact that in this mid-tower which is the best gaming cases 2021, there’s ample room for cable management, and custom appearance water-cooling should you choose to do it.

The case does not really offer you the tempered glass side panel, but there is a large side-panel available for you to display your awesome hardware.


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