The Top 7 Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000

Have you been looking for a cheap laptop that can run games? Here’s our list of the best gaming laptops under 1000.  Some specs may be better than others, but all of these laptops will give you a decent gaming experience. Our reviews and recommendations of the most effective gaming laptops under $1000.




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Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 Gaming Laptop

Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, 9th Gena

Razer Blade 15 Advanced Gaming Laptop 2021

New Alienware m15 R3 15.6inch FHD Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG GU502GW-AH76 Zephyrus M Thin

Dell Gaming G3 15 3500, 10th Gen

MSI Creator 15 A10SEV-001 15.6" UHD 4K Ultra Thin

Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop 2020

MSI GE66 Raider 10SGS-288 15.6" 300Hz 3ms Gaming Laptop

MSI GS75 Stealth Ultra Thin and Light Gaming Laptop

OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

The best gaming laptops are changing every year. The early days of mobile gaming were largely desktop replacements — clunky chassis, multiple power bricks, and RGB lighting galore. But the top contenders now are different.

Manufacturers are finally putting powerful specs in sleeker, more portable, and more professional builds. They have excellent, fast refreshing screens that are necessary for a great gaming experience. These laptops aren’t just great for gaming, but for everyday work as well.

Top 7 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000

When your budget is tight, the best gaming laptop is the one that can handle you, while gaming, and still function without a hitch. This list is broken down into 7 categories, which is long enough for a gaming laptop to get you started, and not much at all for a gaming laptop to get you the best experience.

These laptops range from budget gaming laptops with discrete GPUs, up to high-end gaming laptops with desktop processors.

As always, you can go with the best gaming laptop for the job, or go for the best notebook with great gaming features. The Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000.

Alienware 15 R3 – $1499 Pros: Cons: Best display yet – 2560×1440 with G-Sync NVIDIA GTX 1070 – 7 GPU with Max to Highest GPU Power 4K display – 24% screen to body ratio (182.6 mm x 184).

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptop

What kind of specs are you looking for? It’s important to consider what kind of specifications you need for a laptop.

Do you need the power of a gaming desktop? Or would a laptop like the new 15-inch MacBook Pro or Dell’s Alienware 15 be a better match? The Razer Blade Stealth is a great choice for those who want a laptop with great gaming performance in a portable design.

It’s not as feature-packed as the gaming laptops that are closest to this title, but it’s not a good gaming laptop for work either.

How much can you spend? This is the big question: What kind of budget do you have? Do you have some money to spend, or is $800 a fair threshold? I don’t think you can get away with just buying a laptop for its specs. This is an area where you need to prioritize.

What to Look for in a Gaming Laptop?

Here are some of the most important things to look for when buying a gaming laptop. Display Size & Resolution With these laptops, you’ll find two different resolutions — 1440p and 1080p. These options are based on the kind of game you’ll be playing — most games are made for the higher resolution.

Most games were made with higher resolutions in mind and will look better on them. The recommended resolution for most games is 1440p, which will look sharp on this generation’s excellent and sharp 1080p screens. Check out the Maxed Out Gaming Laptop guide for further details.

Processor When looking for a gaming laptop, you’re going to need a decent gaming processor. It’s a huge power-user feature, and having a high-end CPU is definitely a must for a gaming machine.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop for You?

Screen Size and Resolution: Since most games run at a higher frame rate and resolution on a bigger screen, the higher the resolution, the better. But high resolution is really just a part of it — the big thing is about good contrast and color.

1080p, 1920×1080, or 2560×1440 resolution is the sweet spot for the best gaming laptops, as you can achieve high frame rates without the need for a super-high resolution.

Speakers: A well-built gaming laptop should have a great, solid, hardwired audio system with a respectable subwoofer. But that audio system doesn’t have to be perfect.

Any decent pair of earbuds or a Bluetooth headset can be a nice upgrade, if needed. Force Touch Trackpad: As the screens get bigger, so does the amount of palm rest surface on which you can rest your hands.


Best Gaming Laptops: 3 Best Gaming Laptops: 4 Best Gaming Laptops: 2 Best Gaming Laptops: 1 1 Why We Chose This: Because you can build the best gaming laptop for under $1000.

At $1000, you should be able to get a solid gaming experience with a higher quality build than the $1000 GTX 1060 offering and some extra ports like an additional HDMI port.

You can build a solid gaming laptop for under $1000. At $1000, you should be able to get a solid gaming experience with a higher quality build than the $1000 GTX 1060 offering and some extra ports like an additional HDMI port.

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