Best Micro ATX Motherboard To Buy In 2022

A Micro ATX motherboard is perfect for any build that doesn’t need the extra width and length of an ATX board. This small form factor also comes at a much lower price than standard sized motherboards, so you can save even more money when picking out your components!

Many people who build gaming PCs use the micro ATX motherboard because it’s smaller and lighter than an adults-sized ATX board. This means that you can easily fit your own custom PC into any case, regardless of size; whether full sized or compact!

It’s time to take your PC building skills up a notch with these micro ATX motherboards. You’ll find boards that support AMD and Intel processors as well as models capable of delivering astonishingly high memory speeds all within compact designs, no matter what type of rig you’re looking for!

1. Asus Prime Z590M-Plus

Intel-based systems just got a big upgrade with the introduction of this new motherboard. The Asus Prime Z590M Plus offers up an 11th Gen Intel Core processor and three M.2 slots, all at PCIe 4x speeds! You’ll also have one slot running at full speed for serious graphics or high bandwidth peripherals needs too.

This motherboard provides the user a host of features. You can clock your RAM up to 5,133MHz and manage RGB devices from various headers on this board with all kinds of connectivity options for USB 3.2 Gen 2 20Gbps speeds or higher transfer rates via Thunderbolt 4 if you want it too!

MEMORY – Get more done without worrying about system bottlenecks because there are plenty of amenities available such as dual-channel memory architecture supporting maximum capacity up until 48GBs per channel in total at once including 8 DIMMs slots allowing much faster launch times than before thanks also 16 PCI Express x16 Slots providing room enough even when running multiple graphic cards simultaneously while still having ample bandwidth leftover.

2. MSI MPG Z590M Gaming Edge Wi-Fi

The MSI MPG Z590M Gaming Edge Wi-Fi is the perfect choice for gamers who want to maximize 11th-Gen Intel Core processor power. You’ll be able to take advantage of an incredible bandwidth when adding cards or NVMe SSDs into your system with this PCIe 4 Support onboard, plus you can run faster memory at speeds up 1080 MT/S thanks in part by our partnership with ASUS ROG collaborations on cooling technology!

MSI has a new Gaming Edge Wi-Fi that is fast and reliable, with the ability to connect you wirelessly or offline. It also supports some blazing speeds up through 20Gbps for any wired connection needs!

3. Asus Prime H570M-Plus

The Asus Prime H570M-Plus is a motherboard that will change the way you think about PC building forever. This 11th gen Intel Core processor and PCIe 4.0 connectivity come at an unbeatable price for what they offer, making this product one of the best values in tech right now!

Asus has made sure to pack in all the extras with this mini PC, even if it means sacrificing something. The H570M-Plus comes standard at two M.2 slots (running at PCIe 3×4 speeds), but there’s also an extra slot that can house anything up through a PCIe x16 card – perfect for whatever kind of graphics or storage solution you need!

4. ASRock H570M Pro4

The ASRock H570M Pro4 is a surprisingly great motherboard for those on a budget, and with Intel’s 10th and 11th Gen processors quickly approaching it’ll be one of the only Motherboards you need in your PC build. It supports fast memory too!

If you use an 11th Gen Intel Core processor, then your computer will be even more powerful than before. The newest features of this amazing chip are PCIe 4.0 for graphics cards and NVMe Solid State Drives – which make SSDs the best type in terms of storage! You can also run multiple displays with HDMI or DisplayPort on motherboard plus there’s no need for a dedicated GPU since they come standard now too (though if size is what matters most go ahead without).

5. ASRock X570M Pro4

ASRock’s X570M Pro4 is an excellent choice for any AMD Ryzen 3000 series or 5000X machines. It has a 10-phase power delivery to keep your processor running smoothly and support RAM speeds beyond 4,466MHz so you can feed that hungry chip with as much speed it needs!

There are multiple 10Gbps USB ports on the rear I/O. You can also enjoy a ton of support for PCIe 4.0, which is great because ASRock tops it off with two different M2 slots that offer up to twice as much bandwidth than what you would find in other motherboards!

6. MSI MAG B550M Bazooka

The MSI MAG B550M Bazooka is a great pick for those who want to save some money and still get the latest AMD processors. mATX motherboards aren’t as focused on offering many expansion slots, so this board won’t disappoint anyone looking into it!

The MSI MAG B550M Bazooka is a high-end looking board for Ryzen rigs. You get four slots, two PCIe x16 slots capable of running at over 4GHz and SLI support if you want it too! One thing this motherboard does not skimp on are RGB lighting headers – but even better than that? The fact that they’re compatible with both new 5000 Series processors as well as older ones (like 3000+, 4000G+).

7. ASRock B550M Phantom Gaming 4

Looking for a cheap but reliable motherboard that can handle Ryzen 5000 Series processors? The ASRock B550M Phantom Gaming 4 may be the perfect fit. This affordable and tunable gaming board is built with affordability in mind, yet doesn’t skimp on features like PCIe 4.0 x16 slots to support add-in cards or M2 NVMe SSDs running at blistering speeds thanks to their high4x transfer rates!

The ASRock B550M Phantom Gaming offers a wide range of connectivity options for all your needs. The rear panel includes enough USB ports as well as headers to connect front-panel devices, and it has two PCIe slots that can handle an extra Wi-Fi adapter or networking card with no problem at all!

Frequent Asked Questions

What to Look For in a Micro ATX Motherboard?

Micro ATX motherboards might be great for saving you a bit of space and being cheaper than full-sized ATX models, but there are some sacrifices. Chiefly these smaller boards often come with fewer PCIe slots—or even just one on certain models so it’s important to think about how many graphics cards, sound cards , capture card etc…you want install before deciding which mATX motherboard is right for your needs.

Smaller motherboards mean you’ll have fewer M.2 slots for NVMe and SATA SSDs, but most of these boards still come with at least two slots available to them! There are some smaller ATX parts that only offer one or three though so keep that in mind if cost is an issue when it comes time pick your new PC build’s components – just remember not all ports can be utilized equally well depending on what kind they happen to fall under (PCIe vs Serial?).


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