10 Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x In 2022

Check out the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x In 2022. The AMD Ryzen 7 2700x is top of the line and robust among this generation of processors for the new triple a video game titles with its heavy duty eight cores and sixteen threads, which delivers precisely the amount visual power of these video games demand.

Our Picks for Ryzen 7 2700X Motherboard




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ROG Maximus XIII Hero

Gigabyte Z590 AORUS MASTER


ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus



MSI MEG Z490 ACE Gaming

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming

AMD has surprised us consumers by their shrewd pricing, providing far more superior and cheaper processors against its competitors. For Ryzen 7 2700x, the gaming rams of Ryzen 5 2600 are also compatible.

While providing the users with newer innovations that boost algorithms which has doubled the number of threads and delivers excellent performance in a single-core and the multi-core applications that push the actual performance further and beyond what is advertised, making up for perfect and smooth performance. Being feature-rich and capable of high performance is not the only quality these processors possess.

At the First Glance:

In contrast, the Intel i7-8700k is a powerful processor that can be used not only for gaming but also for a tad demanding workstation. While the Ryzen 7 2700x pulls off nearly the same performance, only shy by few margins, at an exceptionally fair price point.

With a base clock rate of 3.7 GHz, that can be overclocked up to an amazing 4.3 GHz. With an optimized performance boost and the improved 12 nm architecture, the Ryzen 7 2700x is a pretty good pick for mid to high end gaming.

Overclocking on Ryzen 7 2700x is relatively more sustainable. However, the bar is limited, with the given price, it is still far superior to what Intel charges for its overclocking capable processors.

Keeping all this in mind, we have prepared a guide list of the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700X, which you can consider in 2021 for this processor. Most gamers also prefer the gaming motherboards for Ryzen 9 3900x which surely provide maximum performance while playing heavy games.

Ryzen 7 2700x is a good future confirmation processor and can keep going for up to couple of years. Likewise, this processor comes along with a stock cooler; if you want bigger resolutions scales and panning the graphics settings to max, we would prescribe you to get a nice aftermarket cooler with it same as in Ryzen 7 5800x. So without further ado, let’s start with our first motherboard.

MSI B350 Tomahawk


The MSI B350 Tomahawk is the best budget motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x due to its reasonable pricing. The motherboard allows for the overclocking of the CPU. This motherboard is aimed at budget consumers, and it features PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe-capable M.2 slots, USB Type-C, and a great fan configuration to help you keep your rig cool.

The MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard comes with a 4-pin strip header to connect with the external LED strips, while the motherboard itself has red LEDs. The motherboard boosts four phases dedicated to the CPU for power delivery.

The MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard’s red LEDs can be set to turn off or be set to operate in a different model, but the color of the LEDs unchangeable from the default red. According to MSI, the MSI B350 Tomahawk supports DDR4 memory speeds of up to 3200MHz through overclocking. This motherboard has 4x memory slots and supports up to 64 GBs of DDR4 RAM.

It features 4 x SATA 6 gbps ports, and an M.2 slot. It has the Realtek ALC892 audio codec for the audio. There are 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 3 x USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and a single USB 3.0 Type-C port on the rear I/O of the motherboard. The rear I/O also has a PS/2 combo port, VGA port, DVI-D port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, and 6 x 3.5mm audio jacks. It’s the best budget pick motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x.


  • Provides good Overclocking performance
  • Includes USB Type-C port
  • LED lighting on the motherboard
  • 6 x Fan headers with UEFI- and OS-based DC/PWM control


  • The motherboard has only 4 x SATA ports
  • Lack of 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity
  • Unconfigurable color of LED from the default red

ASUS ROG Strix B350-F Gaming (Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 2700X)


The ASUS ROG Strix B350-F gaming motherboard has a great design and has ample heat sinks, while it costs a bit less than the X370-Pro. It has 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 4 x USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and 2 x USB 3.1 –Type-A ports on the rear. Also, there’s a display port, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, and coherent audio jacks on the rear I/O panel as well. It supports DDR4 memory of up to 64 GBs with a maximum of 3200MHz memory speed through overclocking.

The unique design of this motherboard makes it the best premium motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x. The motherboard features the Supreme FX S1220A Codec module for the audio, which provides the users with impedance sensors, shielding from noise, dual headphone amplifiers, and powers the 8-channel audio Optical S / PDIF port on the rear end of the motherboard.

The ASUS ROG Strix B350-F gaming motherboard features two CPU fan headers and two additional dedicated pump headers. The ASUS ROG Strix B350-F Gaming motherboard also features only one M.2 port compatible with PCI-E and SATA-based M.2 SSDs.

ASUS ROG Strix B350-F Gaming motherboard also comes with the latest Intel Ethernet Controller. The motherboard does lack the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which is quite alright for this motherboard’s price.


  • This motherboard comes with great features for the price.
  • Has a simple single-step overclocking for the less experienced users
  • RGB onboard and RGB headers for those who are a fan of RGB lighting


  • Some BIOS optimization needs to be done
  • The motherboard does not support the best BIOS interface
  • Lack of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme


The ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme is the ASUS’s high-end motherboard which is based on the X370 chipset which makes it the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x. Many of us had views that the Crosshair VI Hero would be the top-of-the-line motherboard, but ASUS released an even more loaded X370 motherboard which is the Crosshair VI Extreme.  This motherboard has Intel LAN, Wireless AC, dual M.2 slots, a hefty VRM, USB 3.1, SATA 6Gbps.

There are a total of twelve fan headers on the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme motherboard, and ASUS also includes a fan extension card for three extra fan headers and three extra temperature sensors. These fan headers are all hybrid DC/PWM mode headers. This motherboard’s read I/O panel has a BIOS flashback button, a clear CMOS button, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.1 Type-A, 6 x USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit LAN Ethernet port, and 7.1 gold plated audio outputs. One of the M.2 slots has a heat sink under it.

It has a right-angled USB 3.0 header and right-angled SATA 6 Gbps ports. There is another M.2 slot, this second M.2 slot operates at x4 PCI-E 3.0. It has 2x CPU power connectors, a single 4-pin, and a single 8-pin and the 24-pin connector on the motherboard is angled at 90 degrees.


  • Great Connectivity
  • Best choice for Overclocking
  • High-End Motherboard
  • Ample Heath Management


  • Does have a few BIOS Issues
  • Not sporting high memory speeds unlike the competition

ASRock AB350M Pro4 (Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 2700X)

Based on the AMD’s B350 chipset, the ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard is the best AMD chipset b350 motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x. ASRock AB350M Pro4 is quite loaded with many features like the AMD Quad Cross Fire support, dual M.2 slots, 7.1 channel audio, full overclocking support, and USB Type-C; these features are usually expected from a full-fledged X470 motherboard while having a good price. Coming in at fraction of the ASRock’s own X470 flagship motherboard, the ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard seems like a pretty nice choice.

The ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard comes with a black and white color scheme with silver accents. A white line cleanly bisects the square profile of the motherboard, while the rest of the motherboard is black and the heat sinks are brushed aluminum. Also these motherboards are compatible with the Ryzen 7 3800x.

You won’t encounter any problem mounting a CPU cooler as the area around the CPU socket is quite open. The ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard has got four DIMM slots on the right of the CPU socket. The ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard has two M.2 slots, one is just below the CPU socket, and the other one is on the bottom-right of the motherboard, below the chipset.

The bottom slot supports SATA3 while the top slot supports PCIe x4 connectivity. It has got a PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot and a PCIe 2.0 x1 slot. AMD Cross Fire X is also supported on this motherboard. The ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard has 4 x SATA3 ports that are angled at 90 degrees and the previously mentioned M.2 slots.

The maximum number of storage devices that the ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard natively supports is five since a single SATA port shares a lane with the bottom M.2 slot. The ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard’s rear I/O is pretty standard; it includes 2 x PS/2 ports, HDMI port, 2 x USB 2.0 Type-A ports, 4 x USB 3.0, DVI-D and D-Sub ports, Type-A ports, a single USB 3.0 Type-C port, an RJ-45 LAN port, and 3 x 3.5mm audio jacks.


  • Excellent Features and Performance for its Price.
  • Good Overclocking Capability


  • Limited RAM overclocking
  • Rear I/O is a bit Underwhelming

Gigabyte B450I AORUS Pro Wi-Fi

The Gigabyte B450I AORUS Pro Wi-Fi motherboard is a mini-ITX motherboard and offers decent features at a budget price point. This motherboard has nice aesthetics, and it has a 4+2 phase design. The motherboard supports a proper cooling heat sink for the VRM.

The Gigabyte B450I AORUS Pro motherboard has 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and for the audio, it features a Realtek ALC1220. It can support one 2280 M.2 SSD covered with a thermal shield and 4 x SATA connectors. The Gigabyte B450I AORUS Pro Wi-Fi motherboard is a great choice to match it with the AMD Ryzen 7 2700x CPU.

It has some decent features despite the small size. The primary graphics card slot has metal shielding. The Gigabyte B450 AORUS Pro Wi-Fi has all the standard B450 chipset options and one full-speed M.2 SSD slot. The Rear I/O panel features 2 x USB 3.1 gen 2 ports, 4 x USB 3.1 gen 1 ports, a 10 / 100 / 1000 Gigabit Ethernet port by Intel, a Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, which supports 2.4 GHz – 5 GHz Dual-Band also powered by intel’s Wireless-AC 3168 module, and a Realtek 1220 audio unit. , a single DisplayPort and 2 x HDMI ports.

It has 2 x DIMM slots that support up to 32 GBs of dual-channel memory and up to 3200MHz memory speed through overclocking. It comes with a proper 8-pin power connector. It has 4 x SATA 6 GB/s storage ports. The motherboard also has USB 3.0/3.1 ports available through the internal motherboard connectors.

The primary x16 PCI-E slot’s metal cover should offer a stronger and sturdier slot; this will prove helpful when installing a heavy graphics card. it’s the best mini ITX motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x CPU for a budget series B450 motherboard.


  • Provides Competitive Performance
  • M.2 slot has a big heat sink
  • Onboard Wi-Fi


  • The motherboard only has 4 x SATA ports
  • There is not a single USB Type-C port

MSI X370 Pro Carbon

The MSI X370 Pro Carbon motherboard is one of the top performance series motherboards by MSI for the X370 chipset. The motherboard comes with some great features like the dual M.2 slots which makes it the best ATX motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x. The motherboard has integrated RGB LEDs which is configurable to match the color scheme of your Rig.

There are six fan headers on the MSI X370 Pro Carbon motherboard. These fan headers support PWM or DC mode operation, but some of the headers are PWM by default, and some of the headers are on DC mode; modes can be configured in UEFI settings.

The rear I/O panel has a PS / 2 combo for mouse/keyboard,  a single USB 3.1 Type-A port, a single USB 3.1 Type-C port, HDMI port, DVI port, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 4 x USB 3.0 ports, a single gigabit LAN Ethernet port, and 7.1 gold plated audio ports along with S/PDIF.

This motherboard’s first two x16 slots operate at x16 / x0 or x8 / x8. The second M.2 slot shares its bandwidth with the last PCI-E x16 slot, wired x4 PCI-E 2.0 to the PCH. The motherboard has 3 x PCI-E 2.0 x1 slots. The 4 x SATA ports are angled at 90 degrees and one of the USB 3.0 internal headers.

There are 2 x SATA 6 Gbps ports on the MSI X370 Pro Carbon motherboard to the right of a USB 3.0 internal header. There is a heat pad that the M.2 shield uses to transfer the heat from the disk drive to the metal on the shield. This method is more effecive for single-sided drives than double-sided ones.


  •  Contains RGB LEDs


  • No onboard buttons or displays


The ASUS ROG Strix X470-I GAMING motherboard has dark heat sinks. There is some benefit in getting the new motherboard software-wise, mainly the Store MI, which is the AMD’s software feature that can move the data you regularly use from the slower drives to the faster ones which considerably improves access time. Some features like the XFR 2 and Precision Boost 2 are built-in into the CPU. It is the best micro ATX motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x.

The ASUS ROG Strix X470-I GAMING motherboard has AURA LED RGB, and it can be configured off/on/animated and colored RGB. The motherboard contains only a single graphics card slot that is reinforced with metal. It contains 2 x M.2 SSD slots. On the rear I/O panel of the motherboard, it contains 2 x USB 3.1 ports, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, an Intel LAN Ethernet port, an HDMI port, 3 x audio jacks, Realtek AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The motherboard has one 8-pin power connector. The motherboard also has all kinds of LED enablement under and on the board and has RGB LED strip connectors, which can be configured using the ASUS software. There are 2 x DIMM slots for the memory that supports up to 32 GB of memory in dual-channel.

The motherboard supports up to 3200 MHz of memory speed via overclocking. It has 4 x SATA 6 Gbps storage ports, and there are 2 x M.2 slots present, using x4 PCIe lanes directly from the CPU; the primary one provides 32 Gbps of speed performance.


  • Onboard Wi-Fi


  • No support for 5 / 10 gigabit compatible Ethernet jacks

Gigabyte AORUS AX370-GAMING 5

The Gigabyte AORUS AX370-GAMING 5 motherboard provides for a decent amount of I/O expansion over the CPU’s basics. There are 2 x USB 3.1 ports that the motherboard offers. This motherboard provides multi-GPU capabilities like the CrossFire X or SLI for the Ryzen CPU.

AORUS by Gigabyte is aimed at the high-end gaming segment with premium features and alluring aesthetics. If you are a fan of RGB lighting, this motherboard will be appealing for you because it has so many RGB LEDs and header and can disable them if needed.

The motherboard offers 8 x fan headers, and they all auto-sense PWM/DC mode headers and all support 2 Amperes of current. The motherboard offers 2 x external temperature sensor inputs. The motherboard offers complete GUI control over the fans via the UEFI and Windows.

The color scheme of the Gigabyte AORUS AX370-GAMING 5 motherboard contains white accents that can go with the most colors, and RGB LEDs can be used to adjust the color theme according to your preferences. Gigabyte has many RGB LEDs built into this motherboard, so if you prefer RGB lighting, you will prefer this motherboard.

The Gigabyte AORUS AX370-GAMING 5 motherboard’s rear I/O panel has 4 x USB 3.0 ports, 3 x USB 3.1 Type-A ports, 2 x USB 3.0 DAC-UP2 ports, a single USB 3.1 Type-C port, a PS / 2 port, an Intel gigabit LAN Ethernet port, a single HDMI port, a Killer Gigabit LAN Ethernet port and a 7.1 audio outputs with S / PDIF.

Motherboard’s first and second x16 PCI-E 3.0 slots can operate at x16 / x0 or x8 / x8. Wired to the chipset and supporting PCI-E 2.0, the last x16 slot shares its x4 of bandwidth with three x1 PCI-E 2.0 slots. It has everything set to make it one of the best motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700x.


  • Good Options for Connectivity
  • The PCI-E slots are reinforced with steel


  • Expensive for an average Joe
  • UEFI needs a little work

Frequent Asked Questions

Will a Ryzen 7 2700X bottleneck a RTX 2070 Super?

So this can largely depend on your monitor refresh rate and resolution, what games you play, and what settings you play them on. Overall however, I would say for the most part (generally) the 2700X and 2070 will be fine together

What is the best motherboard for Ryzen 7?

What is the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700x? ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming is the best choice you can make for the Ryzen 9 3700x. It has everything from decisive 12+2 power phases that can run Ryzen 9 series with ease.

Is Ryzen 7 2700X good for RTX 3080?

The 2700X will pair well with a 3080. There’s probably leaving a little bit of performance on the table vs a 9900K/10900K/10850K + 3080 combo, but it’s negligible. Not enough to warrant a whole platform shift or scaling back to a 3070 or even a 60 class card.

How much RAM do I need for Ryzen 7 2700X?

We recommend you go for either 3200MHz with relatively higher latency of 15-16, or just get 3000MHz low latency RAM. 3000MHz on Ryzen currently appealing to hit. For Ryzen to 3200MHz or 3000 MHz is insubstantial, make sure the 3000 MHz has timings at 16 or underneath(for the CAS particularly).

Is X470 better than B450?

Price. The combination of having more SATA III, as well as rear and front I/O ports available, and more accessible PCIe lanes, and dual-GPU support, make X470 chipset motherboards more expensive than B450 motherboards. As a result, X470 chipset motherboards also benefit from more premium features.


The Ryzen 7 2700x attracts explicitly those consumers who require a multi-purpose processor that can keep up with their multitasking needs. This processor not only delivers a super crisp and smooth gaming experience but can also cater to other needs like video editing or other similar workloads that require a heavy duty multi-core performance.

If you are looking for the Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x and you don’t want to go over budget and have a smaller case, then you should definitely check out the ASRock B350M Pro4, Gigabyte B450I AORUS Pro Wi-Fi, and the ASUS ROG Strix X470-I Gaming motherboards as they provide decent overclocking capabilities with some good amount of useful features.

If you prefer a motherboard that is all the more excellent quality and has all the premium features and stuff that you would need and you won’t mind much about the budget, at that point, ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme motherboard is made for you. On the off chance that you require a comparative performance from a motherboard, you should have a shot at the Gigabyte AORUS B450 PRO motherboard.

On the other hand, if you don’t need that fancy RGB capability and the premium standard execution with some great specs and are content with some decent measure of useful features, at that point, you should really try out the ASUS ROG Strix B350-F Gaming and MSI B450 GAMING PRO Carbon motherboards. Also read about the best motherboard for i9 9900k which is an epic motherboard for hardcore gamers.

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