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For most people, their college days make up the best part of their lives, you can hang out with your friends, get drunk, and if you get lucky you might get a shot of chicky chicky bang bang. But the creator of Brewstewfilms didn’t get the chance to experience all that, because he did the little thing called “commuting to college”. And when I say commuting to college, you get the idea, how he might have survived all those years. 

Job at Pizza Slut

At the same time, he was working six hours at a pizza restaurant, which he proudly called “Pizza Slut” instead of Pizza hut, pretty hilarious isn’t? 

Staying at Duplex

He didn’t even get a nice place like a dorm room to stay, and as a matter of fact, all his college years, he stayed at a haunted place called “Duplex”. You can check out his videos to know, why it was called the haunted duplex.

Haunted Duplex Part 2

Haunted Duplex Part 3

Dropped off by his sister

At commuting college, he was dropped off by his sister, until he decided to buy his own car by giving an application form of student loan to purchase one. One of the funniest thing that happened during signing the loan document was, when the application approval manager said you have to pay back the money in a couple of years, he was like, nope my future me has to pay back the loan. This shows that he got a good sense of humour as well.

Computer Engineering from his Local University

Yes, he started from computer engineering from his local university. Now you might be thinking about computer engineering? Are you kidding me? If you would have gone for computer engineering, you wouldn’t be living on making sticky figures for a living… Well according to him, he said, he didn’t know what to do after completing his high school. In computer engineerings first class of calculus, he didn’t what the hell teacher was saying, or what’s the point of this subject. And, in object-oriented programming class, the teacher used to fly through the chapters and he couldn’t keep up. So long story short, in his first year of college, he failed both classes with flying colours and lost his scholarship.

Joining Community College

After the dropout, he joined a thing called the “community college”. Those who don’t know what community college is, its a place where you can find all sorts of people. There’s a homeless guy sitting at the back, a woman breastfeeding her child, etc. And to be honest, he did quite well in community college. He got his web designing certificate after completing community college, and he hasn’t made a website since! In school, he took an Adobe flash class, where he learned all bunch of stuff. And now look at him, he started his career in making sticky figures, and now have 1 million+ subscribers on Youtube.

Complete Story of Brewstewfilms


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