How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business With NO MONEY

In this article, I’ll go with how To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business with zero dollars. I just wanted to give to you guys and provide as much value as possible so please make sure to stick around and read the rest of the article because I’m gonna drop nothing but value. This article is gonna help a lot of people so I get people asking me all the time I have no money how can I start Josh shake my heart can I start to make money to start drop shipping.

And while a lot of people would say you know a hundred dollars two or three hundred dollars to start drop shipping that is not true and although it may be more difficult to start with no money you definitely can start and succeed at Josh showed me with zero dollars from the start so I want to go straight into it I’m super super excited because I know this video is gonna help a lot of people who are in this position and I want everyone to win because I was in the same position myself so without further ado let’s go straight into it so step number one although people say you need to create a website you need to start the shop fire free child first I do not agree especially for this case scenario the strategy I’m gonna give out you need time and 14 days goes by really fast especially if you’re wasting days on your free trial.

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business

So just forget about the free trial and the Shopify plan just right now and just hold on for now and wait until it further steps in this video so step number one you have to find a product first regardless of the situation if you have money or not you can do anything if you don’t have a product to sell so you have to find your product first and to show you guys how you guys could find winning Josh Sherman products that shows you the data as well 100% free a lot of people do not talk about this but it’s called the drop shipping sinner so to access a Josh should be Center a 100% free all you need to do if you do not have a Aliexpress already sign up and create one after you’re logged in just open another tab on Google type in Aliexpress drop shipping Center click the first link that’s tied up through there and this is going to show you the top jaw shopping winning products with a bunch of data available for you to analyze so you guys can do a ton of research should look for a Josh Sherman product to sell.

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business

I’m gonna be using a limb remover this is Amal because it’s one of the hottest Russian products right now so after you found your Josh Sherman pikas then time to find competitors that I son the same product as you so you have a good idea on what works what they’re pricing in that as well some good examples to model your website out there so to do this is a quick and easy hack all you have to do is go to Google type in whatever your product is in this case a little remover then add got my Shopify com then hit search and this is going to show you a bunch of Shopify stores that are selling this product so by doing this you’ll be able to see a whole bunch of competitors of the Sun the same product as used so that you get some good ideas and hopefully apply it to your own store another method for this is to use Instagram all you have to do is go to Instagram search search up whatever your product name is in this case.

Let remover then you’ll be able to find a bunch of stores that are selling the same particles you you’ll also be able to see what kind of content that they’re posting so that you have some good ideas in this area as well so once you find your product and you have some good ideas from such competitors it’s then time for the most important and most exciting part the marketing strategy for the zero dollar budget and the marketing strategy is a form of influence of marketing but it’s a form of influence of marketing that is not talked about and this form of influence of marketing is what I call the revenue share strategy so in this case you’re not paying to influence upfront you’re not sending them a product up front you’re just trying to get them to promote your website in exchange for you sharing revenue with them so to go more in-depth for this strategy the first thing to find a whole bunch of influencers and that’s fairly easy.

Start Shopify Dropshipping With No Money

I’ve taught you guys in my previous videos all you have to do is go to Instagram just find one account and then hit the down button this is going to show you a bunch of suggested constellated to that account and then you basically just repeat the same process until you have a big list of influences so once you find your influencers is then time to contact them to start negotiating and there’s a couple ways for you to do this so option one would just be a one-time revenue share agreement so for example you get them to promote you for 24 hours and exchange your share revenue with them 50/50 or whatever your percentage is so what I would say when I first contact them and you can contact them via direct message or email so I would just say hi influencer I’m J head of growth at rich linen we’re launching our amazing products soon and I personally love your con I think you’re a perfect fit to be our official influencer partner.

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business

All you have to do is put the website link in your bio or description and we’ll share our revenue with you please let me know if you’re interested in any more thanks and if they respond the next message of course will be whatever percentage that you want them to agree with and I’ll also include this script for you guys as well and the discussion below so option two is much more enticing this is a long-term revenue share agreement so instead of 24 hours like I said before this is like having an influencer to be your official partner for your business so this option is really cool because not only is it long term but you can also make it more personalized to the influencers so the influencer can decide on what kind of products they want to sell to their followers and another cool idea for this option not only can you be joshing.

But you can also take this to print on demand and sell merch for the influencer so another thing I want to mention that can help you guys a lot for this strategy although I mentioned Instagram influencers I just did a video on tic toc and I’m just studying tic toc a lot and I honestly feel like tic toc is the next big wave or influence of marketing so tic toc is the fastest growing social media platform in the world and a lot of advertising companies haven’t started advertising on this platform but they will so it’s still untapped so you guys can really take advantage using tic toc for this strategy and honestly the best thing about it a lot of these up-and-coming tic toc stars are young and they had a really monetize their account yet so they’ll be down sorry with you guys for this strategy it’s a win-win situation for both people it’s free money for them and there’s free money for you all they have to do is promote or put the website in their Bible and all you have to do is fill the orders which as you go up you can hire someone to do so it’s 100% completely automated on your written.

Dropshipping With No Money

So once you find your influencer that’s down for revenue share agreement you then can send them a contract so that everything is legit and professional and they help you guys I can also include a contract that you guys could use in a discussion below so after all that you’ve found your influencers it’s finally time to crate your website so if you were to did this for the first step and that process will took longer than 14 days you would have been out of luck because you would have to pay for your Shopify plan so if you have $0 and do as I recommend it in this video and don’t start your Shopify website until you find your influencer that agreed on the you share so once you reach this step is then time to start creating a website and all you have to do is hit the (How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business) link in a decision below and this is going to take you directly to the 14-day free trial so creating your store is super easy I made a full step by step tutorial video how to do this if you guys have not know how to create your store.

I highly recommend you guys watch this video because I’m not gonna go full on debt in this video but since I really want to try to get that econ bag here’s a sped-up version of me creating the (How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business) website from lint remover product [Music] so the usual steps is after you create a store you get a custom domain but that costs money and remember this is a zero dollar strategy so all Shopify accounts come with a dot my Shopify com domain though it’s generally not recommended to use this domain sis looks unprofessional it’s hard to get away with in this case is the influencer is promoting either themselves you can get away with this but with that being said I do recommend after you get your first couple cells to invest that money you’re gonna go and get your first domain for five dollars so that is how you could start and see that Josh on it with zero dollars from the start so keep in mind that she could run and then limit inviting businesses on (How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business).

So you could just scale up and repeat the same process with different parts of different influences and there’s absolutely no limit to how much money you can make so go get that bad guy because there’s no bonus of Internet money available for everyone so the in this video assist is my birthday week all I want for my birthday is for you to like this video then comment whatever it is that you learned for me whether it be right now or in the past or comment code that I said that helped you in your life and lastly if you guys watch my channel you guys will know at the end of every video I always give out a quote well in this video I want you guys to give out your favorite quote or code that you’ll always remember so that is a video you guys I hope you guys got some insane value from it and I also hope that you guys got some ideas and strategies. This is How To Start Shopify Dropshipping Business, I hopr you like the content.

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