Intel Core i9 10850k With Asus Prime Z490-A ATX Motherboard

Check out the Intel Core i9 10850k With Asus Prime Z490-A ATX Motherboard. The unlocked 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10850K processor is the newest, fastest chip in existence. With a maximum frequency of 5Ghz and 20 threads to process all that information faster than ever before!

Intel Core i9 10850k With Asus Prime Z490-A ATX Motherboard

i9 10850k With Asus Prime Z490-A

This article will tell you everything about this new milestone for gamers’ systems as they push their performance boundaries even further by minimizing downtime caused by overheating during heavy use sessions or simply playing games like CS: GO where every millisecond counts.

The Intel Core i9-10850K processor is the latest and greatest from a lineup that has long been considered one of, if not the best in its class.

Utilizing 10 cores with 20 threads for maximum power this chip will allow you to get your game on while staying cool under pressure thanks to having Solder Thermal Interface Material (STIM) which helps maximize heat transfer by helping keep those aged systems running smoothly at higher frequencies than before.


  • 10th Generation Intel i9-10850K CPU Processor and ASUS Z490-A Motherboard bundle combo, maximize performance, speed, and connectivity whenever you game, design, record, stream, web browsing, document editing, and more. 
  • Intel Core i9-10850K Desktop Processor. 10 Cores 20 Threads; 3.60 GHz up to 5.2 GHz Turbo Unlocked; 20 MB Intel Smart Cache; Intel UHD Graphics 630; 125W TDP; LGA1200 Sockets Supported.
  • CPU Support Maximum Memory Capacity 128 GB, DDR4 2933 MHz, No ECC memory, up to 2 memory channels, 45.8 GB/s max memory bandwidth. Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Support, Intel Optane Memory Supported, Compatible only with Motherboards based on Intel 400 Series Chipsets.
  • ASUS Prime Z490-A MB. Built with Intel LGA 1200 Socket, designed to unleash the maximum performance of 10th Gen Intel Core processors. Flexible connection and fast speed with dual M.2 slots, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C and ASUS Optimum II for better DRAM overclocking stability, AI Overblocking, AI Cooling.
  • Enhanced Power Solution: 12+2 DrMOS power stages, 6-layer PCB, ProCool sockets, alloy chokes, and durable capacitors for stable power delivery. / VRM heatsink, PCH heatsink, hybrid fan headers, and Fan Xpert 4 utility for better cooling./ ASUS-exclusive Aura Sync RGB lighting, including RGB headers and Gen 2 addressable headers./ Revamped 5 Way Optimization to overclock the CPU and tunes fan speeds with intelligence.

Why You Should Consider The Motherboard For i9 10850k?

Intel Optane Memory Supported; Intel Thermal Velocity Boost; Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0; Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0; Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x); Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d); Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT); Intel 64; Instruction Set 64-bit; Instruction Set Extensions – Intel SSE4.1, Intel SSE4.2, Intel AVX2; Idle States; Enhanced Intel Speed Step Technology; Thermal Monitoring Technologies; Intel Identity Protection Technology.

Asus Prime Z490-A Motherboard

The Asus Prime Z490-A Motherboard is the perfect choice for your PC build, especially if you want to overclock. It has a large heatsink and can fit in almost any case.

The motherboard has 5 way optimization which automatically overclocks your CPU when needed. The motherboard also supports two M.2 SSD drives at the same time with up to 32 Gb/s transfer speeds each!

You can also customize your PC’s look with Aura Sync RGB lighting support and addressable headers that let you sync lighting effects across all compatible components on your system.

The Intel Core i9 10850k With Asus Prime Z490-A ATX Motherboard is the best choice for all the hardcore gamers out there!

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