The End of OnisionSpeaks – Fake Or Drama?

So recently Onision lost his Patreon account due to posting some shitty content related to harassing of girls and even in some viral screenshots, he even posted their numbers, etc. Onision is a low life person who writes cringy books and sells them on Amazon, makes cringy and disgusting videos on youtube, and spread hate & negativity. 

Those, who don’t know about this shitty person, should check out his videos on youtube but please don’t subscribe to his channel. You can even notice the number of likes and dislikes ratio. This guy is literally getting hate on every video, which he uploads.

The OnisionSpeaks channel is all about his life, in which he vlogs, talks about trendy disgusting topics, lifestyles, and most important girls. He is a lunatic and a pervert if you ask me. He is also known for having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl, which use to live with him and his wife Kai, but later on, the girl admitted, how he was in danger because of this weird couple.

Onision is an agnostic, vegetarian, liberal/Democrat, straight-edge, and an Air Force veteran. That’s what he calls himself an Air Force veteran, or should I say a low life freak. I don’t know when Youtube is going to take strict action against his videos which he uploads.


This guy makes cringy videos, just take a look at this one, you will understand, what I’m talking about. By the way, Onision has three Youtube channels and none of them is bearable to watch. He has maximum dislikes and because of which, he turned off his comment section.

Is this the end of Onision? Do tell me in the comment section and do share this content with your friends…Don’t forget to write your opinion about him in the comment section.

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