Best Gaming Laptop under 2000 To Buy In 2021

Let’s check out the best gaming laptop under 2000, I made this list based on my personal opinion and I try to list them based on their price quality durability and more to find out more information about these 144 Hertz and laptops you can check out the description below and also don’t forget to subscribe to stay up-to-date with the latest technology reviews okay so let’s get started.

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5. Alienware M15

At number 5 in Gaming Laptop Deals, it’s the Alienware m15 I recently decided to review the best 144 Hertz laptops when it comes to gaming the Alienware m15 is there for you if you want a great gaming streaming laptop you should check out this beast the Alienware offers amazing performance astonishing design and a very solid build quality it has many more brilliant features that any gamer would love to see after I did some research our notice that this Dell laptop is great for anyone who wants a solid gaming laptop with a stylish design beautiful display and amazing performance the first thing that I noticed is the Alienware m15 is aimed at gamers however it doesn’t mean that it’s not good for any other use it can be used as a streaming laptop for multimedia business works and more Alienware lately has manufactured pretty beautiful devices one of them is the Alienware m15 it has a very beautiful design and it’s made of high quality materials it comes in two color themes Dark Side of the Moon and lunar light both color themes look premium.

Gaming Laptop Deals

You just have to choose the one that fits you best I prefer the lunar light because it gives the 144hz laptop more of a premium and classy look in terms of performance this laptop is just brilliant it does a great job when it comes to gaming and other hard tasks it’s equipped with a ninth generation Intel Core i7 97 50 G processor with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram and 512 gigabytes of SSD in terms of graphics this laptop is packed with the NVIDIA GeForce r-tx 2080 with six gigabytes max Q and it does a great job in game you can play plenty of games in high quality you can also use this streaming laptop for multimedia purposes because I realize that it has a pretty nice display and you can do different kinds of tasks with this one also the touch pound is smooth and works perfectly if you want a gaming 144hz laptop that works amazingly should consider taking a look at this one and you’ll see the results after a week or two of usage it’s one of the best gaming laptops and it provides excellent gaming experiences it’s a little bit pricey but in my opinion it’s worth the money.

4. Acer Predator Triton 500 (Best gaming laptop under 2000)

At number four Gaming Laptop Deals, it’s the Acer predator Triton I decided to put this 144hz laptop on my top 5 list because it’s one of the most convenient laptops in the market choosing a gaming laptop that comes at a good price and has great performance and portability might be challenging most of the game in laptops offer great performance but they’re also pretty chunky and not so portable the Acer predator triton 500 offers the best combination of power and portability and the price fluctuates based on your budget offering many choices in the performance and graphics section the Acer predator Triton 500 is very slim and attractively designed you know as a full aluminum body providing it’s grown-up look.

Gaming Laptop Deals

But the little things like the turquoise lined hot air vents and ports give this design its edge the fluorescent material is used in the interior as well specific keys are semi-transparent that improved the back lighting effects the trackpad also has some personality to it with its chrome edges the Acer predator triton 500 has a 15.6 inch g-sync display with a 144 hertz refresh rate it offers amazing color which is not appreciated enough due to the rather low brightness levels the display offers impressive levels of detail though the image was very sharp and vibrant with enhanced colors but disappointing brightness levels it has reproduced a hundred and seventeen percent of the srgb color gamut and achieved only 277 nits of brightness the speakers were surprisingly loud and provided decent audio without sounding tinny its keyboard gives a very mechanical field with a deep one point seven millimeters of key travel and 70 grams of actuation force and they really felt bouncy and firm very nice it easily runs every game in Mac settings with respectable frame rates although if you want higher frame rates there is the turbo option to overclock the GPU and perform even better to conclude it’s a very good package with a slim body and corporate disguise that should be taken into consideration.

3. Razer Blade 15

At number three Gaming Laptop Deals, it’s the razor blade 15 another great 144 Hertz laptop is the razor blade 15 the successor to the high class 14 inch blade razor has done it again with a most stylish li designed gaming laptop to date it’s fairly slim for a gaming streaming laptop but it packs heavy punches and immersive visuals when the more advanced versions having even OLED panels with 144 Hertz refresh rates it’s a truly amazing feat of tech it has many more great features that any gamer would love the first thing that caught my eye when I first saw this laptop was a beautiful design it’s truly breathtaking to look at razor always has made good-looking laptops with those ink-black C&C cot aluminium chassis but the mercury white version of the razor blade 15 is from another world the logo on the back has no backlighting and the case reflects every color beautifully it really is elegant and attractive it has just ultra slim metal vessels the keyboard is full LED backlit with each key having its individual LED a proper razor laptop this laptop is also pretty alight with only four point seven pounds and just 0.7 inches thick amazing for a 15-inch gaming 144hz laptop and also very portable the blade 15 has a 15.6 inch display with a matte coating that’s colorful. And this is the best gaming laptop under 1500.

best gaming laptop under 2000

Unfortunately it also suffers from a dimly lit display the colors though are vivid and a details very sharp or watching videos every detail is recognizable it has a 144 Hertz refresh rate cutting down motion blur you should also know that the display can reproduce an exceptional 149 percent of the srgb color gamut explaining its extraordinary hues however it achieves just 262 nits of brightness which is disappointing the keyboard is ok the keys aren’t springy enough. This is the best gaming laptop under 2000.

There is a thing they don’t feel slushy either the company’s synapse software provides enormous customisation and adjustment the 144hz laptop comes packed with the 2.2 gigahertz Intel Core i7 chipset with 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of SSD the Razer Blade 15 when it comes to design has done something bold but not Extra Terrestrial it just looks amazing combined with its high performance specs and it’s longer than its catagories battery life it’s an attractive package if you can afford it that is I would highly recommend this one to anyone who’s you for one of the best-looking and best performing gaming laptops.

2. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701

At number two Gaming Laptop Deals, it’s the Asus Rob Zephyrus what are the best 144 Hertz gaming in laptops in the market is the asus rog Zephyrus SGX 701 with a dream-like performance graphics and a 17 inch screen with slim bezels it’s a great package however it has a high price point but everything is justified for this hyper premium gaming laptop it has many more features that any gamer would love when you take the Asus Rock Zephyr as SGX 701 first in your hands for inspection you will immediately feel it substantiality in its 2.7 kilogram body the streaming laptop at every angle looks solid and it has shown no flex the lid is plain and as nothing but a republic of gamers logo very stylish. This is the best gaming laptop under 1500.

Gaming Laptop Deals

When the lid is opened you’ll notice the active aerodynamic system which opens a pair of hinges at the rear of the laptop as soon as the lid is open massive aid to its heat control there the keyboard is near to the user at the beginning of the board not farther down like we’re used to seeing the GX 701 has a 17.3 inch g-sync display with a refresh rate of 144 Hertz with a 1080p resolution that’s perfect for gaming asus has wisely chosen higher refresh rates rather than the resolution suiting it perfectly for gamers needs. This is the best gaming laptop under 2000.

However the image on the laptop also looks amazing with high contrast and vibrant colors reproducing 74% of the Adobe RGB color gamut which is the best of its class the keyboard is not bad but it’s not made for gaming an Asus knows that most gamers use external peripherals most at a time the speakers on this laptop were amazing achieving high volumes and excellent audio quality those are amazing specs but the star of the show is the NVIDIA GeForce r-tx 2080 with max Q this means that the Aces Rock Zephyr as SGX 701 can easily run every triple-a game you can think of in its higher settings with very high frame rate truly a beast this laptop is amazing in every aspect for deserving King at the gaming laptops pure class from Asus if you want one of the best gaming laptop that has plenty of great features make sure to check out this one.

1. HP Omen 15

And at number one Gaming Laptop Deals, it’s the HP omen 15 as our top pick we have another amazing gaming laptop it’s The Omen by HP this streaming laptop provides brilliant gaming experiences it has a very nice display a beautiful design great battery life for a gaming laptop and the performance is top-notch it also has many more great features that you should check out I noticed that this 144hz laptop is a very unique and special design it has a central hinge to attach the lid to the base the bottom corner of the lid receives an angular cut design which makes this laptop look more premium it has a nice matte finish while the other half has a brushed metal finish to it it has a pretty nice silver logo which is not RGB lit and in my opinion they should have stuck to the red color logo this laptop is also fitted with the omen tempest cooling technology which has a 12-volt fan module five way airflow and three side vents it has very nice full HD 1920. This is the best gaming laptop under 1500.

best gaming laptop under 2000

By 1080 P resolution display which produces bright and colorful images omen uses an IPS screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hertz for smooth gaming experiences it has an amazing intel i7 9750 H processor with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of SSD it has an nvidia geforce gtx 1650 with 4 gigabytes are dedicated gddr5 vram and with all these specs you can enjoy new levels of gaming realism and performance with a real-time tracking technologies in as a pretty nice keyboard and provides a comfortable typing experience.

It also has a full number pad it has big and well spaced keys and the touchpad is very responsive and very comfortable to use it’s a 2 point 2 by 4 inches big which is good enough in my opinion the Windows 10 gestures like a two finger scroll pinch zoom and three-finger swipe are very fast and pretty responsive too it doesn’t have a great battery life though it can last up to four hours and that’s a bit of a disadvantage that this streaming laptop has however this that top is one of the best gaming laptops under $1000 and it provides amazing gaming experience. I hope you enjoyed reading top 5 best gaming laptop under 2000 in 2020 for more amazing content check out below.

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