Why choose Capital Smart City?

You may have heard about Capital Smart City. It is located near New International Airport, the Capital Smart City is an initiative of future developments, (Pvt) Limited (FDH), which is one of the leading real estate developers, and Asset Management Company which is operating in Pakistan to develop a new state of the art, smart cities with a focus not only to give luxury lifestyle to people but also provide equal economic contributions to the state.

Applying strategic investments, planning innovative urban and asset management, FDH creates integrated communities that emphasis on international standards of sustainability with a strong and powerful commitment to quality. A Singapore based consultancy firm known as Surbana Jurong or (SJ), was appointed Master Planner for Capital Smart City. Its main head office is in Singapore, SJ is presently one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firms. It provides the best consulting solutions to huge organizations and firms.

Why choose Capital Smart City?


The contribution of Surbana Jurong

The main motto of Surbana Jurong is building cities, and shaping people lives. SJ believes to create spaces and provide infrastructure services, where people live, work, and play. Shaping cities into homes with all the necessary facilities, providing sustainable jobs where communities and businesses flourish. The proposed site for the development of Capital Smart City is situated in Islamabad and Rawalpindi region, next to the upcoming New Islamabad Airport. The location of Capital Smart City is excellent and ideal for connecting the new airport and surrounding major urban areas via motorway m2.

Transportation Mechanism

Metro bus line is proposed to be extended from the city center of Islamabad to the new airport. With many emerging economic opportunities in the region, Capital Smart City (CSC) is positioned to establish itself as the regional center for many new businesses opportunities. Creating a new center of health, education, new recreational homes and providing tourism facilities. The existence of hills, forests, and rivers surrounding the site provide a scenic view and potential green corridors.

Capital Smart City aims to become the first ever smart city in Pakistan and a modern model for sustainable development. The concept of a smart city revolves around a comprehensive urban management model. Thus, providing a smart economy, smart housing, and smart environment.

Salient Features of Capital Smart city

The Capital Smart City revolves around the following features:

  • Diversity of Jobs
  • Convenient & Quality Lifestyle
  • Efficient Resource Management
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Identify & Heritage
  • Clean & Green

Let me explain these points in the light of the model, for sustainable development agenda.

Diversity of Jobs

It means to become the first commercial center in the region, complementing the new international airport. Attracting international businesses and investors, and to create a variety of job opportunities in the commercial and service sectors.

Convenient & Quality Lifestyle

It means to become an exemplary model for community planning in the region. Creating convenient access to a full range of facilities. To set an example for residential developments.

Efficient Resource Management

It means ensuring availability and reliability of power supply. Providing adequate and reliable water supply to the people. To have the most eco-friendly development in the region of CSC.

World Class Infrastructure

It means to achieve a sustainable transportation system. And to ensure that well-connected networks are established for road users, pedestrians, cyclists, and other future mobility needs.

Identify & Heritage

It means to become a destination for both international and local residents and to become a postcard city with iconic facilities, and sceneries.

Clean & Green

It means to have an attractive city, conserve natural resources, and ensure a zero-net loss of natural areas. To have a cultivate community with a safe & secured neighborhood.

Master Plan of Capital Smart City

The master plan of Capital Smart City integrates the existing rich natural features including through eco-spines and seamless recreational traits. To increase its scenic beauty, modern parks, and an 18-hole PGA standard golf course is made. All this is done to bring people closer to social activities and nature. With an aim to develop strategic growth and attract future investors. The concept of Capital Smart City captures the radical growth pattern with a large business district and well-distributed sub-centers. A township type model is proposed for Capital Smart City, which brings the master plan to facilitate traffic flow. This model provides and ensures high and low-density houses range from 5 Marla to 20 Kanal residential plots with convenient public facilities.

The community at Capital Smart City include a Golf course, overseas block communities, waterfront apartments, the master plan of CSC has been distributed into a number of phases. Phase 0 which is known as the immediate term, which means to establish Capital Smart City as an urban destination in the Islamabad region. Providing gateway interchange, Central Boulevard, sales gallery/site office, grand mosque, medium density housing, and overseas block.

Phase 1A which is known as short term, it is to create a tourism facility with exclusive communities. Providing airport hotel, Food Street, floating village, recreational zoo, central park, transport hub at the end of Central Boulevard in the town center.

Phase 1B which is known as the medium term, it is to create a livable township with a variety of houses. You can choose or invest in any house for your better future. Phase 1B includes Inner Ring Road, waterfront apartment, golf course, development of 3 neighborhoods and public facilities along the Inner Ring Road, overseas block, and CSC bus line.

Phase 2 which is known as long term, it is to become a vibrant regional center for business, recreation, health & education.

Why choose Capital Smart City?

Districts of Capital Smart City

Panda District

It is located on CPEC route, near to new Islamabad International airport, Panda city is conceived as the biggest trading hub for Chinese products in South Asia outside mainland China. It has created the first Chinese themed grand mall of Pakistan known as “Panda Mart”.

Aviation District

It is dedicated to the aviation sector as the city is the proximity of the airport. A sector made to house the aviation crew. Aviation district is an area developed to be the commercial center and International logistic hub.

Education District

It is a part of Capital Smart City dedicated for educational organizations. The area consists of institutions which enhances knowledge whether it’s a school, college or university.

Health District

An urban area to provide health care facilities to the people. The area provides, opportunities for individuals and corporations to advance their healthcare services, to keep the community healthy.

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