Why choose DHA Islamabad?

Why choose DHA Islamabad? Most of you have heard about DHA Islamabad, the famous housing scheme in Pakistan which everyone knows and it has been providing luxurious lifestyle’s to people, since 1992. The Defense Housing Authority Islamabad is a neighborhood located within the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area. The whole neighborhood is divided into five regions, the Islamabad Capital TerritoryPunjab provincial border. The neighborhood was primarily established for military people in 1992 by the Pakistan Armed Forces Welfare Department.

Why choose DHA Islamabad?


Defence I

Defence I is located in Islamabad at southeast of Morgah and Attock RefineryRawalpindi. This region is at Soan River. The larger area acquired by DHA at the southwest of Phase I, it is named as Phase I Extension and covers a total area of 16,750 Kanals (8.47 sq km).

Defence II

Defence II is located in Zone V of Islamabad near the Kahuta Triangle, with GT Road connecting on its south end and Islamabad Highway on its North. The Defence II project was started in February 1994. The Phase II Extension launched in March 2005, and it is between Islamabad expressway highway, Rawalpindi, and in Islamabad as compared to Phase I which is in Rawalpindi region.

Defence Valley

Defence Valley was launched on 18 August 2008, it is located adjacent to Phase II in Zone V of Islamabad region.

The Vision of DHA Islamabad

DHA Islamabad has a vision of changing the lifestyle of Pakistan through a progressive concept of “DHA Community System” by modifying the experience of living, housing society, and different levels of investments. Commercial activities under control and safe environment. The core values of DHA Islamabad are:

Team Work

By teamwork, we can accomplish more together than we could, being alone, and we are willing to give more than we receive.


We adopt best practices, to work hard and achieve what we desire to provide our DHA community.

Personal Growth

We challenge ourselves at every level of growth and will continue to examine to raise our expectations for the benefit of our society.


We are fair, honest and ethical in what we do for our community. Regardless of the consequences.


We take our responsibilities in a more professional way to strive and to meet or exceed expectations. Our credibility is our inspiration.


We do our best to serve and take care of our customers/clients, our organizations, our profession, our community, and our country “Pakistan”.


We are loyal to our clients and customers, and extend long-term relation and stability with them.


We are very careful about the ever-changing external & internal situations in meeting the threats and opportunities.


We have a firm belief that environment must be recovered and developed in our business towards a much greater source of inspiration for our customers and clients.

DHA Property Exchange

DHA Property Exchange Islamabad-Rawalpindi was established in November 2008 with the purpose to provide valued property services to people, in a friendly environment that helps you sell, buy or rent any property you desire in DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi. We also assist our humble customers with a price valuation system to determine the value of their properties at any given time. Our team is always online on our site and ready to help any person at any time.

Why choose DHA Islamabad?

DHA Clubs

Jacaranda Family Club

First, we have Jacaranda Family Club, it’s an elegant club that guarantees luxury and extensive amenities, presented in the most secure and beautiful environment to match your expectations and lifestyle. The Jacaranda Family Club is spread over an area of 20 acres, conveniently located in the most conspicuous district of twin cities. Jacaranda Family Club offers individuals and business patrons a broad array of hospitality, and services. With our professional and efficient service or staff teams, we present caring experience for everyone, every time.

Jacaranda Family Club Cineplex

At Jacaranda Family Club you can watch tons of movies of your choice, and on the special occasions like Eid etc., we have special discount offers on all our tickets. Do visit our Cineplex, you won’t regret it.

Jacaranda Family Club Bowling Alley

Jacaranda Family Club also offers sports and leisure activities. Jacaranda offers 12 Lane Bowling Alley with a spectacular environment. Do visit our bowling alley.


J-mart is a supermarket within DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi, owned plus operated by DHAI together with regard to the location. That will be based along with Jacaranda Family Golf membership, Cineplex, Basketball Alley, as well as Terrace BARBECUE in discipline E, Stage 2. J-mart is developed to supply quality products on the certain most economical price details with the host connected with offers plus promotions whenever, perform visit J-mart in addition to observe fantastic costs regarding customer goods your do it yourself.


Ser Location
1. 2nd Floor New Plaza Sec – E Phase – I
2. Shop No. 1 Sec –  A, Phase – II Near Goreh Shah
3. Shop No. 3B DHA Central Park Ph-II
4. Shop No. 4 DHA Central Park Ph-II
5. Shop No. 6 DHA Central Park Ph-II

Why choose DHA Islamabad?

DHAI Schools

DES School

DES College should give a higher standard associated together with education in just a nice surroundings concentrating on the actual individuality progress school students alongside with guidance on individuality creating and grooming to be able to become a useful advantage to community. The actual programs of KKLK College is usually, based when the actual suggestions of the particular Cambridge International Examination (CIE) which in turn strives to instill in your students, his passion regarding learning through most latest training techniques or methods, which in turn help them generate, the impressive mind of which will may resolve difficulties while bettering their institution experience through many after school activities.


To enlighten the body and spirit of every student to develop into prospective professionals to take leadership roles in every field of our national endeavor.


Our mission is to empower students to acquire knowledge, skills and insight necessary to live a productive life ahead. The basic goal is to enable them, to become progressive learners, able to compete internationally, take-up specific leadership roles, become a responsible citizen among the society, equipped with the necessary skills to navigate their chosen path successfully and contribute positively in various aspects of our nation’s growth and development

System Methodology

The DES School environment meets the academic, social and physical needs of each student along with simulating desire to explore and participate in activities in and beyond the classroom. DES School prepares students for career decisions, and for that higher education is essential and necessary, to the future success of the student. Collaborative learning environment helps the student to think more deeply, cultivating creative thinking and problem-solving. The school sets high expectations and provides meaningful and challenging instructions, allowing each student to achieve higher rewards. The DES School community respects, protects and celebrates diversity, talent and potential to learn of each student.

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