Resolving QuickBooks Update Error Code 1625: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you frustrated with encountering QuickBooks Update Error Code 1625 messages? Don’t worry; this error typically occurs when your Windows installer file is either missing or corrupted during QuickBooks updates. In this guide, we’ll delve into the causes and effective solutions for QuickBooks Error Code 1625.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 1625:

  1. Corrupted or partial download of the Windows installer software.
  2. User not logged in as an administrator.
  3. Windows Installer Framework configuration restricting program updates.
  4. Removal of essential Windows Installer files.
  5. Windows registry errors due to modifications in the installer’s programming.
  6. Malware or viruses corrupting installer-related programs.

Common Scenarios for Error Code 1625:

  • During program installation or updates.
  • Immediate desktop restart or shutdown.
  • When updating or installing Windows.
  • Accessing QuickBooks with an unconfirmed user.

Solutions to QuickBooks Update Error Code 1625:

Method I: Disable Non-Admin Restriction

  1. Open the Run window (Windows Key + R).
  2. Type gpedit.msc and hit Enter.
  3. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Administrative Templates > Windows Installer.
  4. Double-click “Prohibit non-administrator,” set it to Disabled, and click OK.
  5. Restart your computer and try installing or updating QuickBooks.

Method II: Modify UAC Configuration

  1. Press the Windows key, type MSCONFIG, and hit Enter.
  2. In User Accounts, go to Change User Account Control Settings.
  3. Lower the slider to Never Notify, click OK, and restart your computer.

Method III: Modify Software Restriction Policy

  1. In Control Panel, go to System and Security > Administrative Tools > Local Security Settings.
  2. Right-click on Software Restriction Policies, remove restrictions, and restart your computer.

Method IV: Launch Regedit

  1. Navigate to the Start button, type the command, and hold Ctrl + Shift while pressing Enter.
  2. Select “yes” in the permission dialogue box.
  3. Type regedit and hit Enter.
  4. Export the registry, save the file, and restart.

Method V: Update Windows Drivers Check for outdated drivers using Driver Doc and update them for optimal performance.

If the issue persists, contacting QuickBooks technical support at +1-848-444-1303 is recommended for expert assistance. Ensure that you’re logged in as an administrator for seamless troubleshooting.

This guide aims to help you navigate and resolve QuickBooks Update Error Code 1625 effectively. If further assistance is needed, don’t hesitate to reach out to AskAccountings for prompt support.

Exploring Additional Considerations for QuickBooks Update Error Code 1625:

In addition to the methods outlined above, it’s crucial to consider a few additional points to ensure a comprehensive resolution to QuickBooks Error Code 1625.

Administrator Privileges:

Ensure that you are logged in with administrator privileges before attempting any updates or installations. Administrative access is essential for making system-level changes and avoiding permission-related errors.

System Security:

Regularly update and run security software to scan for malware and viruses. Malicious programs can compromise Windows installer files, leading to errors like QuickBooks Error Code 1625. Keeping your system secure adds an extra layer of protection.

Windows Updates:

Keep your Windows operating system up to date. Ensure that you’ve installed the latest updates and patches from Microsoft. Outdated system components can contribute to compatibility issues, and updating them may resolve error-related issues.

Firewall and Security Settings:

Check your firewall and security settings to ensure they are not blocking QuickBooks updates. Adjust the settings to allow QuickBooks through, preventing any interference during the update process.

Review Recent Changes:

If the error started occurring after a recent system change, such as a software installation or update, consider rolling back those changes. System restore points can be used to revert your system to a previous state before the issue occurred.

Consult QuickBooks Support:

If all else fails or if you’re uncertain about implementing certain solutions, reaching out to QuickBooks support can provide tailored assistance. Contact them at +1-848-444-1303 for expert guidance on resolving QuickBooks Update Error Code 1625.


Resolving QuickBooks Update Error Code 1625 may require a combination of the methods mentioned above. By following these steps diligently, you increase the likelihood of successfully overcoming the error and ensuring a smooth update process for QuickBooks. Learn More

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