Whoopi Goldberg Addresses “Inappropriate” Private Notes on The View

Recently, an incident on the popular daytime talk show, The View, caught the attention of viewers and sparked a conversation about professionalism and communication. Whoopi Goldberg, one of the show’s cohosts, took a firm stance as she chastised her fellow cohosts for exchanging what she deemed as “inappropriate” private notes with each other live on air.

The View, known for its lively discussions and diverse panel of cohosts, has always been a platform for open dialogue and differing opinions. However, this incident raised concerns about the boundaries of communication and the impact it can have on the show’s overall professionalism.

During a recent episode, as the cohosts engaged in a discussion, some of them were seen passing notes to one another. While this may seem like a harmless act, Whoopi Goldberg took it upon herself to address the issue head-on. In her role as the show’s moderator, Goldberg emphasized the importance of maintaining a certain level of decorum and respect for the viewers.

Goldberg expressed her disappointment, stating, “We’re on TV. This is not the time for us to be passing notes.” She went on to explain that it can be distracting not only for the cohosts but also for the audience. As a show that prides itself on engaging conversations, it is crucial to ensure that the focus remains on the topics being discussed and the opinions being shared.

While the incident may have been a momentary lapse in judgment, Goldberg’s response highlights the need for professionalism in the workplace, even in a casual setting such as a talk show. The View has always been a platform for women to express their opinions, and it is essential to maintain a level of respect and integrity throughout the show.

As viewers, we often look to shows like The View for intelligent discussions and informative debates. Exchanging private notes on live television can undermine the credibility of the show and detract from the important issues being discussed. It is essential for the cohosts to remember their responsibility as public figures and the impact their actions can have on the audience.


Goldberg’s admonishment serves as a reminder to all cohosts that they are not just colleagues but representatives of The View and its values. It is crucial for them to uphold those values both on and off the air. While it is natural for friendships to develop among the cohosts, it is essential to find the right balance between personal connections and maintaining a professional environment.

Following Goldberg’s comments, the cohosts took the criticism to heart and acknowledged their mistake. They apologized for their behavior and assured viewers that they would be more mindful of their actions in the future. This incident serves as a learning opportunity for everyone involved and a reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism in the workplace.

As viewers, we appreciate the transparency and accountability demonstrated by the cohosts in addressing the issue. It shows their commitment to delivering a high-quality show that respects the viewers’ time and attention. We hope that this incident serves as a valuable lesson for all cohosts and reinforces the importance of professionalism in every aspect of their work.

In conclusion, Whoopi Goldberg’s chastisement of her fellow cohosts on The View for exchanging “inappropriate” private notes during the show highlights the significance of maintaining professionalism and respect in the workplace. The incident serves as a reminder for the cohosts to prioritize the show’s integrity and the viewers’ experience above personal interactions. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the cohosts to ensure that The View continues to be a platform for meaningful conversations and informed debates.